JurisIQ adds advanced training on discrimination, harassment and retaliation

March 19, 2018

With sexual harassment and discrimination dominating headlines in the last several months, The JurisIQ Learning Center has released a new advanced-training video course exploring the topic in-depth. McAfee & Taft employment attorneys Natalie Ramsey and Paul Ross discuss at length the concepts of discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace.

In addition to reviewing the law and how that translates into employer policies, they also discuss examples of prohibited conduct and offer some strategies for how to deal with those behaviors when you see them in the workplace. And they talk about the overwhelming costs and consequences that can follow when an employee engages in those types of behaviors.

Topics include:
• What is prohibited by law
• Understanding discrimination
• Understanding unlawful harassment
• Special comments on sexual harassment
• Responding to harassment
• Retaliation

You can watch a preview of the course by playing the video above or clicking here.

The presentation is available to employers with a subscription to the Employment Law Compliance training module on JurisIQ, a service of McAfee & Taft. For more information, click here.