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Keep Calm and Train On: HIPAA training made easy

Date: March 22, 2017

Event: What’s Hot in Healthcare 2017 Seminar

Venue: National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Patricia Rogers
Patricia Rogers
Paul Ross
Paul Ross

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to keep up with a myriad of regulatory compliance and operational issues. And to no one’s surprise, technology continues to have a major impact on the industry, both positive and negative. While some advances in technology have led to increased efficiency, productivity and patient access to services, other technology pose serious challenges and risks.

In their presentation titled “Keep Calm and Train On: HIPAA training made easy” at McAfee & Taft’s “What’s Hot in Healthcare 2017” seminar, McAfee & Taft healthcare attorney Patricia Rogers and labor and employment attorney Paul Ross discuss how technology can be used to train healthcare employees and unveil the new JurisIQ Healthcare Law Compliance training module. The centerpiece of the module is a comprehensive series of HIPAA compliance training videos specifically designed to satisfy HIPAA’s training requirements for all members of the workforce. Benefits of a highly trained workforce include:

  • Significant reduction in the likelihood of a HIPAA breach or HIPAA complaint being filed
  • Significant reduction in the risk of government investigations, fines and penalties
  • Patient and individual questions are answered satisfactorily, lessening the possibility that a matter will escalate.