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Legal Risks Concerning Website Accessibility in Recruitment, Hiring, and Other Employment Practices

Website Accessibility: HR’s Strategic Guide to Meeting Digital Accessibility Standards Amid Increased Regulatory Oversight - On-Demand
Charlie Plumb
Charlie Plumb

Social media websites have become powerful tools for recruiting and hiring for many employers. Recently, some federal circuit courts of appeal have ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to e-commerce and websites offering goods and services unconnected to a physical place. This raises the issue of what businesses should do to ensure that their websites – as places of public accommodation — are ADA accessible. The ADA requires employers to ensure that job applicants and employees with disabilities can fully participate in the workplace, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has interpreted this requirement to include computer and website accessibility.

During this HR Hero on-demand virtual workshop, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorney Charlie Plumb discusses the legal scrutiny a company could be subject to as the Department of Justice increases interest in issuing website accessibility standards.

Topics include:

  • An employer’s duty to ensure that equal employment opportunity requirements are met concerning recruitment and hiring
  • What the EEOC could do if your website isn’t fully accessible to applicants based on their disabilities or other protected traits
  • Why the DOJ’s focus on website accessibility is cause for concern in workplaces nationwide
  • How a claim alleging disability discrimination under the ADA could arise from issues related to your employment website’s design
May 3, 2017
HR Hero on-demand virtual workshop