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Let’s talk: Engaging disabled employees in the ADA’s interactive process

OKC Metro Employer Council Meeting
 Courtney Bru Courtney Bru

When the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released its latest regulations regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, they made it clear that employers should be less concerned with determining which employee impairments qualify as a disability and, instead, focus their efforts on trying to provide reasonable accommodations so that employees can continue performing their essential job functions. As it stands now, compliance with the ADA depends on providing those reasonable accommodations, and to do that, employers must first engage in the interactive process.

  • McAfee & Taft employment attorney Courtney Bru discusses the EEOC’s shift in position, the new compliance standard, and how employers can effectively engage in interactive discussions with disabled or impaired employees. Topics include:
  • An employer’s ADA obligations to accommodate employees’ health conditions or limitations
  • An explanation of the interactive process employers should use when considering accommodations
  • The types of potential accommodations to consider
  • Limitations on an employer’s obligation to accommodate
  • Best employer practices for handling accommodation issues under the ADA
February 17, 2015
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma