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Leveraging wellness programs in the ACA age

Date: February 10, 2016

Event: McAfee & Taft Webinar Series

Venue: Online


Brandon P. Long
Brandon P. Long

The dawn of the Affordable Care Act age has sparked renewed interest in wellness programs by employers as a means to improve employee health and reduce health plan claims and costs. In fact, some wellness programs may actually help employers reduce their liability under the ACA’s forthcoming (but recently delayed) Cadillac Tax. While the solution may sound simple, its implementation is not. Compliance with federal laws such as the ACA, HIPAA, GINA and ADA all come into play in the development and execution of wellness programs and, unfortunately, these laws are not always consistent with each other.

In this complimentary one-hour webinar, employee benefits lawyer Brandon Long is joined by special guests Todd Rolland, CEO of PremierSource, and Mike O’Keefe, president of Total Wellness, to discuss the EEOC’s proposed new regulations regarding wellness programs and review strategies for structuring and maintaining legally compliant and effective wellness programs.

Topics include:

  • Legal framework and new regulatory developments
  • What exactly qualifies as a wellness program?
  • Wellness options available to employers
  • Common and current employer strategies
  • Which strategies work … and which ones don’t
  • EEOC’s focus on wellness programs
  • Why wellness programs may help employers with the Cadillac tax


Brandon P. Long