‘Ethics’ is placed on trial during business luncheon

At the January 14, 2015, meeting of the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium in Oklahoma City, a jury of 350 attendees were asked to decide the fate of “Ethics,” who was personified and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The mock trial centered on a worker who, after listening to the promptings of “Ethics,” opted to save the lives of 300 people over saving his own son. McAfee & Taft attorney Charlie Plumb participated in the event by playing the role of defense attorney, who argued that the worker’s decision was his alone.

“It’s human nature to blame others, but other teachings and resources also come into play, including family, church and friends,” said Plumb. “The murder wasn’t Ethics’ fault any more than she deserves credit for saving 300 lives.”

The jury voted 130 to 45 to acquit “Ethics.”