Managing military-related leave under the FMLA and USERRA

Managing military-related leave under the FMLA and USERRA

Deployments and training of U.S. armed forces Reserve and National Guard personnel, which draw directly from the civilian workforce, are again on the rise. Not only does this active military service have a dramatic impact on these service members and their families, it also affects their employers and co-workers. Federal law grants specific rights and protections related to leave for employees to perform military service, as well as for employees who have family members engaged in military service.

During this complimentary webinar, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Samanthia Marshall and Charlie Plumb explore the rights and protections for military-related leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). They will discuss employer compliance requirements and practical ways to address associated workplace issues. Topics include:

  • What military service is covered — active duty, training, National Guard, reserves
  • Reasons for military service leave and employee’s obligation to notify employer
  • Benefits during military service — health plan
  • Reemployment rights – employee’s notification obligations and documentation of military service
  • Benefits and seniority when returning to employment
  • Exigency leave for employees who have family members engaged in military service
  • Leave for employees to care for family members who are injured or ill as a result of their military service