Managing the Remote Workforce

Even before the global pandemic reached the United States earlier this year, remote working arrangements were on the rise. Fueling the trend were advances in technology as well as a changing workforce with different expectations, needs, and lifestyle and family concerns.

COVID-19 changed all that, forcing employers to quickly adapt. What was once a growing trend has now become an everyday reality for a significant portion of the American workforce. At the height of the economic shutdown, it was estimated that 50% of all employees worked from home for some period of time. Even as many employers have returned much of their workforce back to their workplaces, some companies are extending timelines for continued remote work while others are simply considering it the “new normal.”

In this video alert, McAfee & Taft employment lawyers Charlie Plumb and Phil Bruce examine the latest trends, discuss the legal and practical challenges of managing remote workers, and offer recommendations for improving upon the success of existing work-from-home arrangements. The discussion also includes practical suggestions for what to include in remote work policies.

Managing the Remote Workforce presented by Charlie Plumb and Phil Bruce