McAfee & Taft announces launch of online video training service

JurisIQ Learning Center

McAfee & Taft, Oklahoma’s largest law firm, has announced the launch of an online video training service, the JurisIQ Learning Center. Attorney Paul Ross, leader of McAfee & Taft’s Labor and Employment Group, first made the announcement during the firm’s annual labor, employment and employee benefits seminars in Tulsa on April 28 and Oklahoma City on April 30, 2015.

“In recent years, more and more of our employer clients and HR professionals have told us of their growing need for affordable and efficient options for their workplace training needs,” said Ross, founder and managing editor of JurisIQ. “While many employers understand the critical need for educating their workforce about employee rights and responsibilities in the workplace, many don’t realize that the implementation of a comprehensive training program is one of their most powerful defenses in insulating their companies from costly punitive damages in court, and in defeating employment claims.”

Last year alone, U.S. workers filed an administrative claim or lawsuit against their employers roughly once every two minutes, and the cost to defend such claims can be staggering for many organizations.

“Nearly all employers face obstacles in successfully implementing an effective training program — limited resources, scheduling all employees for group training sessions, multiple shifts, multiple locations, people out sick or on vacation during scheduled training,” Ross said. “On top of that, you have the issue of training new hires and newly promoted supervisors and managers in a timely manner.

JurisIQ“JurisIQ came directly out of that need. It’s designed to allow employers to train their workforce when and where it’s most convenient — whether it’s at an employee’s own workstation, at a remote worksite, or in a group training environment — all at an affordable cost.”

The subscription-based video training system is focused on providing employers with timely training for all levels of their workforce — basic employment law training for the general workforce, expanded training for managers and supervisors, and detailed education and training for HR professionals, executives, and business owners.

Each annual subscription provides businesses with unlimited on-demand access to the entire library of training videos and supplemental materials, and all the training is done by McAfee & Taft lawyers.

Future plans for the service also include legal training in other legal areas beyond employment law and employee benefits issues.

“For many years now, the firm has been providing thousands of HR professionals with employment law training through our annual seminars, frequent webinars, articles, legal updates and alerts, and many other venues,” Ross said. “JurisIQ is the next logical step to providing even more of the training they need and have been asking for.”

Employers and HR professionals interested in finding out more about this new online video training service can visit the JurisIQ website at