McAfee & Taft celebrates February workiversaries

McAfee & Taft celebrates the work anniversaries of our dedicated attorneys and staff who started with the firm in February — from one year ago to 26 years ago. Congratulations and thank you to all for their contributions to the success of our firm! This month’s honorees include Cliff Dougherty (26 years), Mike LaBrie (26 years), Anthony Rahhal (26 years), Trina Harper (26 years), Donna Ross (26 years), Richard Craig (21 years), Rachel Blue (16 years), Brian Beatty (13 years), Joel Bulleigh (11 years), Paige Good (8 years), Chris Huckaby (5 years), Maria Gutierrez (4 years), Qaitelynn Cummings (3 years), Kate Dodoo (3 years), Jessica Deloera (2 years), Chase Johnson (1 year), Liz Morse (1 year), Michael Power (1 year), and Sam Roberts (1 year).