McAfee & Taft celebrates March workiversaries

McAfee & Taft celebrates the work anniversaries of our dedicated attorneys and staff who started with the firm in March — from one year ago to 25 years ago. Congratulations and thank you to all for their contributions to the success of our firm! This month’s honorees include Alan Holloway (25 years), Scott McCreary (24 years), Brad Donnell (23 years), Jeri Fatheree (17 years), Lauri Warmack (17 years), Cheryl Culwell (9 years), Cody Smith (8 years), Lanette Dietz (7 years), Alex Duncan (7 years), Derek Hardberger (7 years), Garry Keele (7 years), Justin Crayton (7 years), Karen Donnell (3 years), Sam Ikard (1 year), and Cory Phillips (1 year).