McAfee & Taft celebrates May workiversaries

McAfee & Taft celebrates the work anniversaries of our dedicated attorneys and staff who started with the firm in May — from one year ago to 47 years ago. Congratulations and thank you to all for their contributions to the success of our firm! This month’s honorees include Bruce Crum (47 years), Louis Price (46 years), Steven Bugg (42 years), Chris Coleman (42 years), John Papahronis (41 years), Rick Mullins (37 years), Rob Garbrecht (34 years), Michael Lauderdale (34 years), Steve Cole (28 years), Kim Cooper-Hulsey (28 years), Ron Shinn (22 years), Brandon Buchanan (19 years), Maria Gonzalez (18 years), Robb Sandefur (18 years), Vickie Buchanan (17 years), Chuck Greenough (16 years), Jill Collins (17 years), Jeremiah Parris (13 years), Lu Ann Williams (9 years), Brian Boyer (3 years), Karlen Parsamian (2 years), Braden Hoffmann (1 year), Peyton Howell (1 year), and Carrie Stevenson (1 year).