McAfee & Taft expands Tulsa office

McAfee & Taft was featured in a Journal Record article about the firm’s growing Tulsa office and its recent move to space in Mapco Plaza that will better accommodate the office’s continued growth.

The 35-person office, with 22 attorneys, moved just 12 blocks south to 1717 S. Boulder Ave. and will occupy most of the top three floors that overlook the Arkansas River and midtown Tulsa’s urban forest, the article reported.

When originally considering whether the firm’s Tulsa office would remain in its current location, the availability of space to accommodate additional attorneys and staff was a deciding factor.

“We anticipated over the next three to five years we wanted our office to be somewhere between 30 and 50 attorneys,” Managing director Richard Nix told The Journal Record. “We’re ahead of schedule on that.”

Nix said more attorneys and support staff are anticipated to join the firm sometime this fall. He also said the firm continues to be in the hunt for acquisitions of not only individuals, but law firms, during this national recession.

“We’re fortunate in the firm to have kind of cyclical practice groups, which means in any given economy different areas of our practice might accelerate or slow down,” Nix said.  “As a result of that, I would say our pattern of growth really hasn’t been impacted. Maybe the areas we would focus on hiring have changed a little bit, but as far as areas of growth, it really hasn’t been impacted.”