McAfee & Taft Receives 2006 Perfect Partnership Award

April 19, 2006

McAfee & Taft, Oklahoma’s largest law firm, was honored as one of three recipients of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation’s 2006 Perfect Partnership Award.  The presentation was made on April 18, 2006, at the foundation’s "Stars of Education" event. 

The award recognizes organizations within the community whose dedication and contributions to the district have significantly impacted the lives of its students, teachers and staff members and whose support empowers a school to balance limited resources to provide the best educational experience possible.

McAfee & Taft was recognized for its longstanding support of Gatewood Elementary School.  Since 1999, the firm has provided weekly tutors, as well as financial resources and in-kind contributions. 

In making the award presentation, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber chief executive officer Roy Williams said, "One teacher described their partnership in terms of a popular commercial:  ‘Donations of playground, gifts, pizza and even eye surgery for a needy student — $20,000.  Estimated value of volunteer hours of tutors over the years — $700,000.  A caring, giving gracious adult making a difference in a group of students’ lives — Priceless.’"

Other recipients of the Perfect Partnership Award were United Methodist Church of the Servant and Eagle Heights Church.