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McAfee & Taft’s Fall 2010 Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar

Persisting uncertainty surrounding the economy and upcoming elections, a growing list of new regulations, and a rise in regulatory enforcement are making it increasingly challenging for employers and their human resources professionals.

Responding to some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions, McAfee & Taft’s Fall 2010 Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar focuses on what you need to know right now to navigate the ever-changing HR landscape. Below are downloadable resources from the seminar.


Individual presentations:

  • Regulatory Enforcement on the Rise: 
    Avoiding Wage & Hour Traps and Surviving a DOL Audit

    Regulatory enforcement is being increased to help protect workers from unfair policies and practices. In this session we will discuss the anatomy of a Department of Labor audit, common wage and hour mistakes, and general rules and requirements regarding the Department of Labor and your retirement plan.
    Presenters: Charlie Plumb (OKC), Nathan Whatley (Tulsa), Curtis Thomas and Brandon Long
  • When You Need Medical Information About Your Employee 
    This session will discuss the common issues companies face regarding obtaining medical information about its employees, and what an employer needs to know in order to be in compliance when dealing with an employee’s medical situation.
    Presenters: Tony Puckett, Josh Solberg and Alison McCalla Patel
  • Employee Privacy: Should I Care? 
    As technology continues to become more prevalent in the workplace, companies are finding it more difficult to balance an employee’s right to privacy with their right to protect business assets and productivity. In this session, our attorneys will provide an overview of information that you will find helpful in making those determinations.
    Presenters: Sam Fulkerson and Dara Wanzer
  • Guiding Your Health Plans Through a Changing Landscape 
    Health plans are in the forefront of the news and media, as well as in the minds of business management and human resource professionals. In this session we will discuss the latest guidance and new clarifications about grandfathered and non-grandfathered plans, over-the-counter drugs and benefits, claims and eligibility. In addition, we will examine changes in mental health parity requirements. The information shared here will also provide you with insights on creating the best strategy going forward in terms of renewals, stop loss contracts and offsetting costs.
    Presenters: Jim Prince, John Papahronis (OKC) and Bill Freudenrich (Tulsa)
    Guest Presenter: Teah Corley of PremierSource
  • Violence in the Workplace 
    Knowledge of the different types of workplace violence and their common causes can help you be more prepared to prevent and deal with this serious issue. By learning what warning signs you should be on the alert for and how you could be liable, you are taking proactive steps to minimize the danger. During this session our attorneys will share best practices and policies you can put in place to improve safety in your work environment and protect you and your employees from workplace violence.
    Presenters: Charlie Plumb (OKC), Kathy Neal (Tulsa) and Sharolyn Whiting-Ralston
  • How New Regulations Are Impacting Company Retirement Plans 
    New regulations impacting retirement plans, including nonqualified deferred compensation plans, will be the central focus of this presentation, designed to provide you with essential information you will need to know when it comes to agreements, corrections and required disclosures.
    Presenters: Jim Prince, Jennifer Callahan and Bill Freudenrich (Tulsa)


From "Guiding Your Health Plans Through a Changing Landscape"


From "Violence in the Workplace"





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October 28, 2010