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McAfee & Taft’s Spring 2010 Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar

Faced with a changing workforce, a changing work environment, and the ever-changing rules and regulations, the road ahead can seem daunting for even the most informed employers.

McAfee & Taft’s Spring 2010 Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar took a look at the changes ahead and other issues affecting employers of all sizes and industries. Below are downloadable resources from the seminar.

Seminar Booklet

Individual presentations:

  • Employment Law Update  
    The latest information about changes in federal and state laws, policies and regulations that affect Oklahoma employers.
    Presenter: Charlie Plumb
  • Document Retention
    This session covers the different forms, files and documents — from government agency forms to personnel files and employee evaluations — employers must keep or should keep, as well as information storage and document destruction.
    Presenters: Nathan Whatley, Sharolyn Whiting-Ralston
  • Independent Contractor Issues
    With employee classification under increased scrutiny from the federal and state governments, understanding the impact of worker classification has never been more important. This session covers government actions, as well as how to determine proper classification and the benefits issues and legal consequences of misclassifying workers. 
    Presenters: Dudley Hyde, Tony Puckett, Alison McCalla Patel
  • Remote Employees: Issues Related to Employees Working Outside the Workplace
    This session will cover the hurdles and potential pitfalls employers may encounter when their employees work remotely, including wage and hour, Title VII, ADA and workers’ compensation issues, as well as employee responsibilities and employer obligations.
    Presenters: Natalie Ramsey, Josh Solberg
  • Health Plans and the New Laws
    This session with cover the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act and how the law affects health plans, as well as a timeline of changes employers can expect and the health care reform challenges in tracking your health plan expenses.
    Presenters: John Papahronis, Jim Prince
    Guest Presenter: Teah Corley of PremierSource
  • How to Terminate Legally
    From pre-issue planning to communicating a termination and handling any subsequent disputes, this session will cover the legal issues employers face when planning for and dealing with terminations as well as recent wrongful termination claims of interest.
    Presenters: Paul Ross, Lauren Barghols Hanna
  • Electronic Delivery of Benefits-Related Documents: Cheaper, Faster, Riskier?
    For HR professionals responsible for the administration of a 401(k) plan, this session will cover what a 401(k) plan administrator must do to effectively deliver required communications through e-mail or a website and when it is necessary to obtain participant consent to the electronic delivery of benefits-related documents.
    Presenters: Bill Freudenrich, Brandon Long


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May 27, 2010