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Medical Marijuana: Maintaining a safe workplace

Care Providers Oklahoma Spring Convention

Nine months after Oklahomans approved a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana in the state, Governor Stitt signed into law the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act on March 14, 2019.  Previously referred to as the “Unity Bill” given its broad support from both sides of the aisle during the legislative process, the Act adds regulatory clarity in a significant number of areas.  Included in the new law are several provisions that directly impact employers, employees and job applicants.

In his presentation at the spring convention of Care Providers Oklahoma, labor and employment attorney Charlie Plumb reviews the legal rights of employees who hold valid Oklahoma-issued medical marijuana licenses, the new “safety sensitive” exception provided in new law, and the lawful measures employers can take to maintain a safe workplace.  Topics include:

  • Federal exceptions to employment protections provided to license holders
  • Considerations when designating a job position as “safety-sensitive”
  • What to do when an employee tests positive for marijuana
  • Steps for verifying the authenticity of an Oklahoma medical marijuana license
  • Tips for updating drug and alcohol testing programs
  • Best practices for strengthening workplace policies
  • Is medical marijuana use by an employee a “reasonable accommodation”?
April 29, 2019
Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center
Norman, OK

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