At The Podium

Medical Marijuana: Next steps for Oklahoma employers

Date: September 11, 2018

Event: Tulsa Area Employer Council

Location: Tulsa, OK

On June 26, 2018, Oklahomans went to the polls and approved a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana. Because the new law includes certain employment protections for job applicants and employees who possess a valid state-issued medical marijuana license, Oklahoma employers are now left to grapple with the challenge of ensuring compliance with the law while also maintaining a safe, drug-free workplace.

While speaking before the Tulsa Area Employer Council, labor and employment attorney Courtney Bru clears the air on what’s included in the new law (and what isn’t), discusses the various ways this new law will impact employers, and reviews the steps employers should be taking to ensure they in compliance and out of court.

Topics include:

  • Employment protections for medical marijuana license holders
  • Which employers may be excepted from the new law
  • Implementing and enforcing lawful workplace restrictions
  • What changes are needed to update your drug and alcohol policies and testing programs
  • Educating your workforce on what rights are granted and what prohibitions still apply
  • Training your managers and supervisors to observe and document impairment
  • Important workplace issues still left unanswered by the new law and Oklahoma State Department of Health rules


Courtney Bru