Medical marijuana poses quandary for legal clients

published in The Journal Record | July 5, 2018

The recent passage of SQ 788 has opened up new opportunities for individuals and companies interested in getting in on the ground floor of Oklahoma’s emerging medical marijuana industry. It’s also created — at least for now — an  ethical quandary for lawyers. While medical marijuana will soon be legal in Oklahoma, federal law still considers any form of marijuana to be a controlled substance, and the state’s Professional Rules of Conduct currently prohibit lawyers from advising or assisting clients in conduct they know to be criminal or fraudulent.

In an article titled “Medical marijuana poses quandary for legal clients” featured in The Journal Record, McAfee & Taft’s managing director, Michael Lauderdale, said that until the state’s rules are amended, people who want to do business in or with the medical marijuana industry — including landlords, financial institutions, and equipment manufacturers — are going to have trouble getting adequate legal advice.