Message to lawyers: Go paperless

published in The Journal Record | September 15, 2016

In the wake of the recent historic flooding in Louisiana where many lawyers in the state lost everything, the director of Oklahoma Bar Association’s management assistance program had a simple message for this state’s attorneys and law firms: go paperless. Oklahoma is familiar with flooding and natural disasters in which a law office’s paper files can be damaged or lost, and Jim Calloway recommended firms switch to digital storage and management.

In the article titled “Calloway to lawyers: Go paperless,” McAfee & Taft Chief Information Officer Mark Bradley explained to The Journal Record how the state’s largest law firm operates predominantly through digital records. He said some attorneys and staff might print off documents to mark them up, but final records are kept electronically.

“It makes us more efficient, but it makes us safer because it’s not just paper that can go out the door,” Bradley said.

Some of the firm’s clients have specific requirements for how data should be stored, and the firm’s in-house information technology staff uses software to meet those requirements, he said.