‘Motion to Strike’ wins kickball championship

The McAfee & Taft kickball team “Motion to Strike,” which is comprised of 17 of the firm’s associate attorneys, recently won the Fall 2019 OSSO Sports & Social Kickball Championship (Social Division).  The team’s championship run through the playoffs culminated in cold, rain-soaked victory just after midnight on Thursday, August 21.

“We’ve played kickball for a few seasons now but have fallen short in the playoffs, so this was a big win for us.  This is the first of many,” said McAfee & Taft attorney and team captain Jeff Vogt.

Team members are Simon Bright, JD Brown, Eleanor Burg, Colby Byrd, Kaitlyn Chaney, Allison Harvey, Katelyn King, Emma Land, Alyssa Lankford, Russell Lissuzzo, Micah Mahdi, Adrienne Martinez, Sam Merchant, Cole McLanahan, Collen Steffen, Jeff Vogt and Chase Webb.

McAfee & Taft sponsors several associate intramural sports each year, including softball, kickball, and bowling.