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Navigating the FLSA minefield

McAfee & Taft Webinar Series

On its face, the Fair Labor Standards Act seems pretty straightforward, establishing a federal minimum wage and setting standards for overtime pay, recordkeeping and the employment of youth. But as most employers know, complying with the nation’s wage and hour law can be a confusing and sometimes dangerous minefield to navigate.

During this 90-minute complimentary webinar, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Kirk Turner and Harrison Kosmider identify the most common FLSA missteps employers make, address the additional impact of state wage and hour laws on compliance efforts, and provide practical advice for minimizing legal liability and litigation.

Topics include:

  • How to avoid misapplying “exempt” or “independent contractor” status to workers who don’t qualify
  • Recent court rulings and the DOL’s evolving stance on exemptions
  • What types of activities are considered compensable “time worked”?
  • How to determine and correctly calculate the “regular rate” of pay
  • Recordkeeping requirements under the FLSA
  • Why FLSA litigation is so prevalent and expensive
  • Takeaways and best practices for ensuring compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws
August 21, 2019