New FTC rule bans noncompetes

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Late last month in an EmployerLINC Alert, “FTC announces nationwide ban on noncompetes in the workplace,” McAfee & Taft employment lawyer Paige Good notified employers that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued its final rule for implementing a game-changing nationwide ban on noncompete agreements. The prohibition, which is slated to go into effect on September 4, 2024, is estimated to impact 30 million American workers (roughly 18% of the workforce).

In this LINC video alert, McAfee & Taft employment lawyers Paul Ross and Natalie Ramsey dig deeper into the key provisions of the FTC’s new final rule and discuss how this significant regulatory change will impact employers going forward, what employers need to be doing now to prepare, and what challenges lie ahead for the rule itself.

Screenshot from video showing two presenters, Paul Ross and Natalie Ramsey