New legislation prompts state to mail health care brochure

Q&A with Patricia Rogers

published in The Oklahoman | December 31, 2014

In accordance with new legislation known as the “Medical Treatment Laws Information Act,” the State of Oklahoma printing office recently direct mailed a brochure to thousands of licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurses across Oklahoma. The brochure, which is required reading of licensed healthcare providers who work at hospitals, in-patient facilities, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities in Oklahoma, informs and reminds them of their rights and responsibilities under a number of Oklahoma laws relating to the provision of “life-preserving care.” Healthcare attorney Patricia Rogers was interviewed about the new law.

“Effective Feb. 1, health care facilities are required to ensure its providers, as well as the chief executive or administrator and members of the board of directors, read the brochure and certify it on an annual basis, and participate in a one-hour online training once every two years,” said Rogers. “New personnel must satisfy these requirements within 14 days of becoming employed by the facility (or within 14 days of joining the board of directors or the medical staff).”

Online training will be available on the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision’s website in early 2015, she said.