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Occupational Safety & Health Administration

EmployerLINC 2013: 'Government Gone Wild'

Doing business in an increasingly regulated environment means more rules to follow, costlier penalties and lawsuits to avoid, and increased vigilance on the part of employers in the workplace. So if you feel the government is going wild, you’re not alone. At EmployerLINC 2013, McAfee & Taft’s annual labor, employment and employee benefits seminar, presentations include timely updates on state and federal laws and agency activities as well as practical guidance for maintaining legal compliance.

Labor and employment attorney Curtis Thomas highlights OSHA’s site-specific targeting of high-hazard workplaces, provides insights to the developing new Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) rule, and offers guidance on incentive program crackdowns. He also discusses considerations employers should take for designing safety-based incentive programs, the restructuring of the Whistleblower program, and improvements the DOL has made to its public access enforcement databases.

April 26, 2013
Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma