Off The Record 2022 — Oklahoma City

McAfee & Taft was pleased to host its signature “Off the Record” event for more than 125 students from the Oklahoma City University School of Law and the University of Oklahoma College of Law on September 29, 2022, at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum in in Oklahoma City. The cocktail reception-style event is a cooperative effort with OCU Law and OU Law and is specifically designed to offer women law students the opportunity to meet with successful women lawyers and judges for an evening of networking and straight talk to discuss real-world issues and concerns not typically discussed in the classroom.  

There to share their diverse experiences, offer candid advice, and answer students’ questions on a myriad of professional and personal topics were McAfee & Taft attorneys and special guests from the state bench, nonprofits, government and industry .

The event was hosted by the women of McAfee & Taft and emceed by shareholder Elizabeth Bowersox, a 2011 graduate of the Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Elizabeth Bowersox, McAfee & Taft labor and employment lawyer: “What makes this event so special is that the female law students from both OU and OCU get together and kind of mix and mingle in a casual setting and be “off the record” where you don’t have to worry that you’re in a job interview or in a law school class. And you can just talk candidly about things.”

Alicia Currin-Moore, director of career development, University of Oklahoma College of Law: “So this one is definitely one of the top-tier networking opportunities we have for our students. We want to make sure that our students feel comfortable in more of a business setting where they’re able to interact with multiple attorneys. But I also feel like this has a very warm atmosphere. There’s, there’s, more of a collegiate atmosphere here. So it’s nice for our students to feel comfortable in being able to ask, you know, questions about the Supreme Court and questions about, you know, types of shoes to wear in the courtroom.”

Redmond Wortham, law student, Oklahoma City University School of Law:  “I love unstoppable women coming together and being able to commune and being able to share advice and just being able to talk about the future and what that looks like for them so they can help the people that come after them. I’m hoping to take away some guidance. I’m still a little unsure about what I want to do for law, so I’m hoping to be able to talk to a few women that are in a different couple of fields and kind of see where their past took them.  And then hopefully I can mark out a path for myself.”

Stephanie Chapman, general counsel, Balon Corporation:  “I just thought it would be really nice to get to be around some women that I used to work with at McAfee & Taft and reconnect with them, but also to see some of the law students and just give them some advice that people maybe passed on to me. I think it’s critical, really, I mean, to see women successful in so many different areas of law and so many different paths – whether  it’s the women at McAfee & Taft and all the different practice areas, or the other guests that you all have invited, for judges and in-house counsel.  And just to be able to see the breadth of what’s there, I think is important, and then to make some specific connections with people that can offer you advice and that you can follow up with later.”