Webinars & Seminars

Oklahoma Employment Law Letter presents FMLA Compliance and Recordkeeping Essentials Master Classes

Presented by M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC, publishers of the Oklahoma Employment Law Letter and HRHero.com


Following the complimentary McAfee & Taft Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar in Oklahoma City on October 2nd, choose from the FMLA Compliance Master Class or the Recordkeeping Essentials Master Class for just $197. We’ll address your toughest administration and compliance challenges in just three hours, presented by the faculty of McAfee & Taft employment law experts, editors of your Oklahoma Employment Law Letter.

Choose the networking and learning program that best addresses your most immediate Human Resources administration challenges:

FMLA Compliance Challenges and Solutions : How can you curb FMLA abuse? How do you determine when an illness or injury qualifies as a serious medical condition? What are the documents needed to certify military family leave? Now you can get the answers to all of these questions and learn how to address even the most advanced FMLA issues when you attend FMLA Compliance Challenges and Solutions.

Recordkeeping Essentials for HR : How long should you keep your old resumes, job applications, performance reviews, immigration records, and other printed and electronic personnel files? What are the documentation requirements when conducting a workplace investigation? What are the latest developments and regulations for managing electronic data? Learn the answers to these questions and what records you MUST keep and what documentation you can safely throw away when you attend Recordkeeping Essentials for HR.