Paige Hoster Good: Thought Leadership

McAfee & Taft labor and employment lawyer Paige Hoster Good discusses how the firm’s thought leadership is a resource for other lawyers and law firms, and how combining that knowledge and expertise with impassioned advocacy benefits clients.

“So I started out at a different law firm, also practicing labor and employment law before I came to McAfee & Taft. And while I was at that other law firm, I actually was looking to McAfee & Taft for the recent developments in the law.

“I was always reading EmployerLINC to stay up to date on all of the new cases that have come out, the new regulations that we needed to know about. So it was pretty clear that they were the thought leaders in the labor and employment industry.

“And, not only do we have the smartest people with the most expertise in their fields, but we have attorneys who care. And when they get a call from a client, or an issue comes up, they’re in it just as much as the client is. We’re in the trenches with the client. And we’re there to solve that issue just as much as the client is.

“So, when you couple the intelligence and the expertise with passion, with advocacy, I mean you’re getting the absolute best service possible for the client.”

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June 26, 2019