Pajamas, the Grinch, and the Night Before Christmas

As we continue our special holiday season video series, we begin our stroll along memory lane. Karianne Lent, McAfee & Taft’s technology learning and development specialist, describes how new pajamas, the Grinch, and “The Night Before Christmas” are the pillars of her favorite holiday memory.

So my favorite holiday memory is one that I’ve created with my kiddos.

Every Christmas Eve, we open one present and it’s always pajamas. And so the kiddos run and they put on their Christmas Eve pajamas. And we come back down and we watch The Grinch — the original, not the Jim Carrey version.

Then we read The Night Before Christmas with all the lights off, except just the Christmas tree lights — creates a nice little ambiance. And then the kiddos put out their cookie for Santa and they run and get in bed. And then the work starts.

That’s my favorite holiday memory.

Happy Holidays!

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December 1, 2022