Paw Prints on Our Hearts 🐾 Part 2

McAfee & Taft celebrates Dog Appreciation Month

One video just wasn’t enough. So we had to make another β€” featuring even more adorable, lovable and beloved besties of our McAfee & Taft colleagues.

  • Jacie & Rusty β€” canine cowpokes with Kinsey and Garrett Reed, agribusiness and trial lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Magnus Rex β€” partner in crime with little Elan, son of Austin and Melissa Trent, paralegal, Oklahoma City
  • Annie β€” pint-size princess of Brandon Long, employee benefits lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Sasha β€” faithful furry friend to Bill Freudenrich, employee benefits lawyer, Tulsa
  • Sadie β€” dear devoted diva to Kirk Turner, labor and employment lawyer, Tulsa
  • Xena Mae & Chance β€” bestest of buds with Susie Holland, paralegal, Tulsa
  • Maggie β€” loyal, lovable lass to the family of Jake Crawford, labor and employment lawyer, Tulsa
  • Bentley β€” magical and merry Maltese of Erin Clogston, paralegal, Oklahoma City
  • Hana β€” playful, pretty pooch to Donna Ross, legal secretary, Oklahoma City
  • Allie β€” sweet, spotted sidekick to Rich Johnson, business and tax lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Dexter & Molly β€” faithful friends to the family of Sarah Wilson, records management, Oklahoma City
  • Bear & Teddy β€” the sanity-saving Shih Tzus of Brad Neese, creative director, Oklahoma City

β€œOver the years I have felt the truest, purest love β€” I imagine that’s what God’s love feels like β€” is the love that comes from your dog.”

Β β€” Oprah Winfrey