Paw Prints on Our Hearts 🐾 Part 3

McAfee & Taft celebrates Dog Appreciation Month

Even two videos weren’t enough to showcase all our furry family. So, we’ve composed one more super-sized reel to squeeze in as many of our pet pals as possible!

  • Keeper & Remy — large lovable loving lapdogs of Robin Croninger, chief marketing officer, Oklahoma City
  • Oliver & Cooper — endearing impish angels of Rachel Blue, intellectual property attorney, Tulsa
  • Scruff — convivial cuddly cowpoke with Burns Hargis, senior counsel, Oklahoma City
  • Ryan & Lizzie — lively, loyal, lovable companions to Jennie Mook, trial lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Remington (a.k.a. Remi) — precious playful pooch to Nick and Emalie Foster, trial lawyer, Tulsa
  • Oliver — charming curly companion to Molly and Lake Moore, employee benefits lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Ms. Jinger — loyal, loving, lovable beagle with Julie Banes, conflicts analyst, Oklahoma City
  • Indy — adorably aggressive snuggler to Karianne Lent, technology learning and development specialist, Oklahoma City
  • Bauer & Chloe — surly siblings and snuggly sweeties to Yamarie Pigg, office services manager, Oklahoma City
  • Ramsey & Mochi — lovable, loyal guardians to Lloyd Hardin, business and real estate lawyer, Oklahoma City
  • Pixel — sweet, sassy snuggle-buddy to Brandy Farley, reception, Oklahoma City
  • Tucker & Tula — cute cuddly companions of Cheryl Culwell, legal secretary, Tulsa
  • Jensen & Lexi — fun, fisky, faithful fur-babies of Kristin Kaul, legal secretary, Tulsa
  • Mr. Bo Jangles — snortin’, snugglin’ sweetheart of Liz Morse, legal secretary, Oklahoma City

“A person can learn a lot from a dog… about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart… about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty.

 — John Grogan