At The Podium

Pipeline Safety 101: Operating to Protect the Public and the Environment

2012 Association of Oil Pipe Lines’ Annual Business Conference

The Association of Oil Pipe Lines’ 2012 Annual Business Conference is specifically designed for accountants, attorneys, regulatory staff, business development personnel, business planners, and executives employed by the liquid pipeline industry. Presentations and discussions focus on recent changes and current issues in the industry, including federal regulatory developments, safety regulation, environmental and siting issues surrounding infrastructure expansion, and ratemaking and tariff matters.

In a presentation titled “Pipeline Safety 101: Operating to Protect the Public and Environment,” McAfee & Taft regulatory attorney Chris Paul provides participants with a survey-level overview of the Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations, including the manner in which certain activities are regulated and mandated, along with current issues affecting the regulation of those activities. Joining him in the discussion are Peter Lidiak of the American Petroleum Institute and Vince Murchison of SNR Denton.

September 20, 2012
Hyatt Regency Savannah
Savannah, Georgia