Graphic of the battlefield grave of a fallen soldier with a soldier kneeling in front of grave; boots, helmet, and rifle mark the grave

May We Never Forget Freedom Isn’t Free

May 24, 2024

Letter with copyright infringement notice on a desk.

Gavel to Gavel: Limits on copyright infringement not limited

May 23, 2024

The Journal Record

Portrait of Grace DeJohn in the McAfee & Taft Tulsa office

Grace DeJohn joins McAfee & Taft’s top‑ranked Labor & Employment Group

May 22, 2024

Screenshot from video footage of two unrecognisable businesspeople in an office signing an agreement with LINC logo overlayed.

New FTC rule bans noncompetes

May 21, 2024

McAfee & Taft LINC Video Alert

Retirement Plan Committees: Formation, Responsibilities, and Best Practices

May 16, 2024

Update on Labor Law

May 9, 2024

Debby Jones, Amy Poyner and Ginger Schones

McAfee & Taft names Jones, Poyner, and Schones as paralegal managers

May 9, 2024

Religious Accommodations in Employment

May 9, 2024

Unemployment Compensation

May 8, 2024

Kate Dodoo and Genni Ellis headshots

Kate Dodoo, Genni Ellis honored with 2024 Leadership in Law Award

May 8, 2024