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McAfee & Taft attorneys assist clients in acquiring, enforcing and designing around patents, both domestic and foreign, for the full scope of inventions – from the “better mousetrap” for individuals to complex machines and processes for industrial companies.  Our attorneys have diverse technical backgrounds which provide us with the unique ability to serve clients in virtually every area.

Our attorneys advise clients regarding a variety of mechanical inventions related to:

  • refinery industry
  • oil and gas well service and testing
  • production equipment
  • plastics
  • manufacturing equipment
  • farm equipment
  • construction industry
  • medical devices

In the electrical field, our attorneys are experienced at advising clients in a number of areas, including:

  • computer-related systems
  • computer-implemented methods
  • oil and gas well testing equipment
  • alarm systems
  • communications systems
  • software

Many of our attorneys have chemical backgrounds and assist clients in acquiring protections for all types of chemical inventions, including:

  • well cementing compositions
  • well treatment compositions
  • processes involved in refineries
  • processes involved in food processing
  • food additives
  • pharmaceuticals

The courts have greatly expanded what is considered to be patentable subject matter.  Many companies are now able to protect certain types of computer software and methods of doing business.  We take pride in our creative approach to patents and can assist you with any type of invention.

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