Insurance Litigation

McAfee & Taft lawyers are routinely called upon by insurers to provide coverage opinions and analysis, litigate coverage disputes, and vigorously defend against claims of bad faith and extra contractual liability, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent underwriting, and violations of consumer protection laws involving a broad range of policies, including commercial general liability, property and casualty, business interruption, life, health, disability, credit life, excess and umbrella, reinsurance, auto, uninsured and underinsured motorist, and liquor liability.

An equally significant portion of our practice is devoted to aggressively representing insurance companies’ insured clients in all varieties of claims — from product liability, to premises liability, to professional liability. In addition, the firm currently serves as approved panel counsel for a number of leading insurance companies in areas such as aviation litigation, director and officer liability, professional liability, errors and omissions disputes, intellectual property disputes, drug and medical device claims, and employment practices litigation.

Our trial lawyers have defended a large volume of cases, including class actions and putative class actions, in venues throughout the United States and are skilled and experienced in every phase of litigation — from early case assessment through trial and appeal.

Our approach

We have a team of trial lawyers, paralegals, investigators and experts who will represent clients in any liability claim. Our lawyers are trained to identify and assess risks early on, develop case strategies and options, and effectively communicate the case’s strengths and weaknesses so that clients are able to make a well-informed decision on how to proceed.

Our early-evaluation strategy allows for our insurer-clients to consider potential issues in a claim file early, often before they are identified by the opposing party, so our clients are ready to respond preemptively. This early-evaluation strategy has also resulted in recommendations for settlement before the opposing counsel can recognize weaknesses that might result in increasing the settlement value, and, in some instances, eliminating a potentially problematic claim. Similarly, early evaluation has also led to the discovery of issues — such as potential fraud on the part of the claimant — which has resulted in the early dismissal of cases.

Where the paramount goal is to successfully resolve cases as quickly and inexpensively as possible, we will employ an aggressive motion practice or force favorable settlement terms before legal costs mount. Our experience is that thorough preparation and the ability to convince opposing counsel of our willingness to take every case to trial, if necessary, is what produces the most favorable resolutions.

Although cost and expediency are common client concerns, we also understand that some cases and causes may require greater time and effort to achieve the desired result. When that happens, you can be assured that McAfee & Taft will be ready, willing and prepared to go to trial. The firm has a well-deserved reputation in the courts for its professionalism, outstanding litigation skills, and thorough preparation. Such preparation often requires the engagement of investigators, engineers and other experts. Over the years we have identified and developed relationships with many of the best consultants in the industry. Not only do we work closely with them to gain a thorough understanding of the issues involved, we also assist them in determining how to effectively communicate complex, often technical, issues in ways that will resonate with juries.

Insurance Litigation Team

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