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Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Management

Our real estate attorneys represent landlords and tenants in all types of commercial leasing and sub-leasing transactions, including office leases, retail leases, industrial leases, ground leases, build-to-suit projects, and sale-leaseback transactions.

We advise and assist clients with all aspects of leasing transactions, including negotiation and drafting of leases and subleases (including provisions concerning base rental rates, percentage rent, operating expenses, options to renew, renewal rent rates, options to expand or reduce space, tenant improvement allowances and other tenant concessions, assignment and subleasing rights, insurance requirements, and exclusive use provisions), and review and preparation of lease forms, estoppels and subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements.  We also assist clients in negotiating and drafting brokerage, leasing and property management agreements.

Our attorneys in other practice areas also are available to assist with lease-related matters, including landlord or tenant bankruptcy proceedings, tenant improvement construction issues, forcible entry and detainer actions and other types of lease disputes.

Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Management Team

Travis J. Adams


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Blaine W. Brewer


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Simon W. Bright


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Matthew K. Brown

Shareholder, Practice Group Leader

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Robert J. Clougherty


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Robert L. Garbrecht

Shareholder, Practice Group Leader

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Lindsey N. Gonzalez


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Danae V. Grace

Shareholder, Practice Group Leader

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Lloyd T. Hardin, Jr.

Of Counsel

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Stephen M. Hetrick

Shareholder, Director

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Frank D. Hill

Of Counsel

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Myrna Schack Latham


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Joe C. Lewallen, Jr.

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H. Cole Marshall

Shareholder, Practice Group Leader

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Elke C. Meeùs


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Isai Molina


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Haley J. (Maynard) Nimmo


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Karlen C. Parsamian


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Louis J. Price

Shareholder, General Counsel

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William T. Silvia


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Joshua D. Smith

Shareholder, Director, Industry Group Leader

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Jeffrey L. Vogt


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Riley P. Wren


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