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Real estate finance has always been an integral part of our real estate practice.  Our real estate lawyers have been involved in all types of commercial real estate exchanges and work-outs and have represented clients in complex financing transactions, including mortgage securitizations, sale–leaseback transactions, synthetic leases, and mortgages with equity components, and mezzanine loans.

We assist clients in structuring equity and/or debt financing arrangements with private individuals or companies, and with institutional or venture capital investors.  We also assist clients in raising funds through private offerings and initial public offerings.

Our real estate clients include national and regional developers, investors, tenants, and managers and owners of real estate projects, as well as banks, life insurance companies, public and private pension funds and other institutional lenders.  Because our clients include borrowers as well as lenders, we understand the needs and requirements of real estate owners/developers as well as those of financial institutions, and we can help the parties negotiate and resolve issues and achieve mutually satisfactory results.

In addition to real estate transactions, we have represented clients in the energy industry in connection with major syndicated credit facilities, both secured and unsecured.

T. Michael Blake
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
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Blaine W. Brewer
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Simon W. Bright
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Matthew K. Brown
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
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Kaitlyn Schrick Chaney
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Robert J. Clougherty
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Evan J. Crumpley
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Robert L. Garbrecht
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
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Allison Meinders Harvey
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Stephen M. Hetrick
Shareholder, Director
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Frank D. Hill
Of Counsel
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Sean S. Hunt
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Myrna Schack Latham
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Joe C. Lewallen, Jr.
Shareholder, Director
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Robert T. Luttrell, III
Of Counsel
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H. Cole Marshall
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
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Haley J. Maynard
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Elke C. Meeùs
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Karlen C. Parsamian
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Louis J. Price
Shareholder, General Counsel
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Richard A. Riggs
Of Counsel
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William T. Silvia
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Joshua D. Smith
Shareholder, Director, Industry Group Leader
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Jeffrey L. Vogt
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Emily Z. Xiao
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