At The Podium

Preparing for a Major Transaction

2016 Corporate Counsel Seminar
Tracy Poole
Tracy Poole
Matthew Paque
Matthew Paque
Barrett Ellis
Barrett Ellis

While speaking at McAfee & Taft’s 2016 Corporate Counsel Seminar in Oklahoma City, OK, corporate attorneys Tracy Poole, Matthew Paque and Barrett Ellis break down for in-house counsel the processes and steps necessary for preparing for a major transaction and explain how a company conducts its day-to-day legal affairs can have a significant impact on the success of future transactions.

Topics include:

  • Types of pre-contractual agreements and the reasons to use them … or not use them
  • Pre-contractual liability under common law
  • Best practices for negotiating and drafting pre-contractual agreements
  • Overview of the transaction due diligence process
  • Composition of due diligence team
  • Due diligence responsibilities for both buyers and sellers
  • Managing the deal
  • Definitive deal documents
  • Composition of the transaction team, including specialists
  • Managing third parties
  • Disclosure schedules
  • Corporate governance matters
December 8, 2016
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma