Professionalism: It’s a Learning Process

published in Tulsa Lawyer | October 1, 2017

In an article for the October 2017 edition of Tulsa Lawyer, trial lawyer Gerald Hilsher wrote about advice that he and other lawyers recently gave to 2L students attending the University of Tulsa Law School’s Professionalism Day. Hilsher, who chairs the Professionalism Committee of the Tulsa County Bar Association, said the advice holds true for seasoned lawyers as well as young lawyers in training.

“A ‘professional’ lawyer is prepared, competent, and speaks with candor to court and opponent and to client,” he said. “We also emphasized that one should be wary of losing one’s temper and biting back too quickly in the heat of the moment – that being deliberate, thoughtful, even cautious with your communications by text, email, or the dreaded telephone shouting match is the way to go.”

“Professionalism is a learning process and requires a deliberative, intentional desire to be a better lawyer and frankly, less of a jerk,” said Hilsher.