(re)Born in the FAA

published in Corporate Jet Investor One Minute Week | March 27, 2020

Aviation attorney Scott McCreary, who currently serves as leader of the firm’s worldwide aviation practice, was quoted in an article published in Corporate Jet Investor’s One Minute Week newsletter about a recent investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office into potential fraud and abuse of the Federal Aviation Administration aircraft registry.  The GAO’s report included 14 recommendations, some of which would change the way all U.S. registrations of aircraft are handled.  Most notably, the GAO recommended that additional information be collected on individual and company registrants.

“We knew that changes were coming as part of the reauthorization of the FAA in 2018, and this is one of two audits into the FAA – and the GAO has done an excellent job researching the registry,” said McCreary.  “Change is definitely coming and the industry may have issues with privacy. But there is a difference between information being public and information only being accessed by government agencies. As an industry we need to work through these changes.”