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Recent Developments in the Fair Labor Standards Act: What to Expect for 2017

Lawton Employer Council
Josh Solberg
Josh Solberg

Under the direction of the Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division (WHD) stepped up its efforts to enforce the nation’s wage and hour laws, investigate suspected violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and significantly update the FLSA’s overtime regulations. Under the new Trump administration, changes in direction at the DOL are expected.

Speaking at the February 28, 2017, Lawton Employer Council Meeting, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorney Josh Solberg takes a look back at the WHD’s recent enforcement priorities and the key provisions of the Overtime Final Rule and then takes a look forward to the issues employers should be focusing on in the coming year. Topics include:

  • Review and status of the new overtime regulations affecting white collar exemptions
  • What the new administration’s regulatory freeze means for new and pending regulations
  • Independent contractor misclassification issues
  • Liability concerns associated with joint-employment relationships
February 28, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn
Lawton, Oklahoma