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Records and Communications 101 — Identifying and Managing Legal Issues in Everyday Communications

Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance Legal Forum

Records are broadly defined and include basically any information in any media format. During the course of business – in particular, activities related to compliance or simply the application of best practices within an organization – numerous records, including paper documents and email, will be generated. Whether field notes, drafts, photographs or final reports, such records will contain information that adverse parties can and will take out of context in litigation or a regulatory proceeding – and the records may identify real issues that require action and documentation of closure. A critical component then is the appropriate caretaking and communication of the records of business.

The records and communications are invariably numerous, and the issues that must be addressed include everything from how to best create records that reflect facts and allow for adequate follow-up to address issues discovered, to the manner in which such records are created and delivered to avoid potentially adverse parties from taking such records out of context at a later date. Proper creation of records and management of records are fundamental skills that are far too often subject to failure.

This presentation by attorney Chris Paul, leader of the McAfee & Taft’s Aerospace Industry Group, will provide attendees from the aerospace industry a review of the potential liabilities associated with various forms of communications. The discussion will continue with suggestions regarding how to manage records and communications to best minimize potential liability and, more importantly, promote best practices so that issues identified in communications are promptly and properly addressed and documented as such.

The Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance, the state’s aerospace industry association, is committed to supporting the retention and growth of Oklahoma’s aerospace industry. The OAA Legal Forum series is presented in partnership with the Aerospace Industry Group at McAfee & Taft.

January 26, 2012, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
SpiritBank Community Room
Tulsa, Oklahoma