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Responding to Civil and Criminal Investigations

Developments in Rural Health Care that Every Practitioner Needs to Know CLE Seminar
Ron Shinn
Ron Shinn
Terra Parten
Terra Parten

In their presentation titled “Responding to Civil and Criminal Investigations” at a CLE seminar sponsored by the Oklahoma Bar Association, healthcare industry lawyers Ron Shinn and Terra Parten review the various types of activities that constitute fraud, the myriad of laws under which fraud and abuse claims can be brought, and the government agencies responsible for enforcing the laws and investigating possible wrongdoing. The presentation includes a discussion on how government investigations typically arise, as well as what best practices healthcare providers should follow when responding to a civil or criminal investigation.

Topics include:

  • Common pitfalls that lead to investigations, fines and other penalties
  • Why False Claims Act penalties will now cost you more
  • How to defend against false claims allegations
  • Lessons learned from the 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Universal Health v. Escobar
  • Navigating the Medicare appeals process
  • The self-reporting process and benefits of making voluntary disclosures
October 19, 2017
Oklahoma Bar Center
Oklahoma City, OK

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