At The Podium

Responding to Government Inquiries, Subpoenas and Investigations

2014 Corporate Counsel Seminar
Richard Mullins

During his presentation titled “Responding to Government Inquiries, Subpoenas and Investigations” at McAfee & Taft’s 2014 Corporate Counsel Seminar in Oklahoma City, OK, trial lawyer Rick Mullins explains why enforcement activity by federal and state agencies is on the rise and what businesses should do if faced with an official inquiry or government investigation.  Topics include:

  • Why changes to the False Claims Act favor government and whistleblowers
  • Ways an investigation can be brought to your attention
  • Steps to take once you learn you’re being investigated
  • The importance of conducting your own internal investigation
  • Short-term responses to search warrants and investigations
  • Dealing with investigators and prosecutors long-term
  • Responding to subpoenas and civil investigative demands (CIDs)
  • Keys to understanding why the government sues or prosecutes .. or doesn’t
December 4, 2014
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma