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Revise-Review-Restate: A ‘How-to’ Guide for Retirement Plan Sponsors

2015 Cornerstone Credit Union League HR Conference
John Papahronis
John Papahronis

During the 2015 Cornerstone Credit Union League HR Conference, employee benefits attorney John Papahronis explains how the defined contribution retirement plan restatement cycle and pre-approval process works and what due diligence must be exercised by employer-sponsors before the IRS-imposed deadline. Topics include:

  • Key changes mandated by law
  • What a plan sponsor needs to look for in reviewing updated pre-approved plan documents
  • Considerations in comparing a plan’s administrative practice with the provisions of the plan document. Do they match up?
  • Common costly mistakes
  • Key issues in agreements with service providers
  • Deadline for adopting pre-approved plan documents
June 9, 2015
Skirvin Hotel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma