Robin Paul interviewed for Journal Record feature about law firm marketing

published in The Journal Record | February 12, 2009

McAfee & Taft’s director of marketing and business development Robin Paul was interviewed by the Journal Record for a feature story about the increasing number of law firms focusing more on their marketing efforts “as they jockey for recognition and clients in an increasingly competitive legal marketplace.”

Paul, who has previous experience with Sonic Industries and MidFirst Bank, told The Journal Record that she finds legal marketing especially challenging.

“In law, the stakes are very high, because it’s very relationship driven. We can’t rely on advertising and publicity to make our case. I think we have to be more strategic. We have a narrow audience, so we have to have a sharper focus on what we do.”

Paul told The Journal Record that she spends much of her time working with the firm’s attorneys to determine how she can communicate what they do and how they add value to clients’ needs in ways that are meaningful and relevant to clients.

“We have demonstrated expertise in very niche areas of law,” Paul said. “We bring added value to the table in so many different ways, through technology, through experience, through the way we manage our data.”

She said she looks for opportunities to help attorneys expand client relationships, from a single matter or area to the firm’s other practice areas that can meet clients’ needs.

“Part of my role is bringing to the table all the disciplines and saying, for this particular client, it probably makes sense that we understand their needs on a 360-degree level,” Paul said.

The legal field is a relative newcomer to marketing, told The Journal Record. Legal marketing wasn’t on the radar screen for most firms until recent years.

“If you go back 10 or 20 years, there was less competition,” she said. “It was a little bit easier to be a generalist than it is now. Now you have more competition.”