Robison interviewed on successful defense of former executive on violation of federal kickback and securities laws

published in The Dark Report | July 24, 2006

Veteran McAfee & Taft trial lawyer Reid Robison was interviewed by The Dark Report about his successful defense of a former public laboratory company executive charged with participating in alleged criminal conspiracies to commit Medicare fraud and securities fraud.

Following a three-week trial in June 2006, a jury deliberated approximately seven hours before acquitting Robison’s client, along with two other co-defendants, on all counts of conspiring to provide kickbacks and commit securities fraud. The case of the three UroCor executives was significant in that it was believed to be the first criminal case to involve public laboratory company executives charged with federal kickback violations. It was also significant in that it defied the statistical odds against the defendants. According to Robison, 95% of all federal indictments are ultimately resolved by a plea bargain. Of the remaining 5% which go to trial, 75% of those defendants are convicted.

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