At The Podium

Sexual Harassment by Patrons

Oklahoma Library Association 2019 Annual Conference

One byproduct of the #MeToo Movement is that it has given rise to renewed efforts by many employers to train their employees to avoid engaging in any sort of harassing behavior.  But what happens when it’s your organization’s non-employees — its clients, visitors and vendors — who are the ones engaging in sexually harassing behavior? Can a business or organization be held liable for the actions of its non-employees?

In her presentation “Sexual Harassment by Patrons” at the Oklahoma Library Association 2019 Annual Conference, labor and employment attorney Elizabeth Bowersox discusses the prevalence of sexual harassment in libraries, the types of behavior that constitute sexual harassment, and the actions that library professionals can — and should — take to prevent or correct harassment in the workplace and to ensure the safety of its employees and non-employees alike.

March 15, 2019
Norman, Oklahoma