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Sexual Harassment: Making the Workplace a Safe Space

HR Break Room: Paycom Podcast
Tony Puckett
Tony Puckett

The recent allegations against film tycoon Harvey Weinstein have sparked a global conversation about the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. This incident brings to light the importance for employers to eliminate any form of harassment in the workplace and create a culture that does not tolerate this behavior.

Labor and employment attorney Tony Puckett is featured on the Paycom HR Break Room podcast discussing how HR and the legal department can work together to revise sexual harassment policies and create a safe atmosphere for employees.

Topics include:

  • What costs will the company face if harassment occurs in the workplace
  • What ways employees can file a complaint
  • How the HR department can take action when a complaint is filed
  • Methods to teach harassment policies to all employees
October 24, 2017