Webinars & Seminars

Spring 2008 Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar

Spring Training is the theme of this spring’s baseball-inspired Labor & Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar.  Registration opens at 7:45am, and the general session and Employment Law Update begins at 8:30am.

Attendees at this complimentary seminar will also have the opportunity to attend one of three presentations during each breakout session.

Breakout Session #1: 
*  Avoiding an Employee "Home Run":  Enforceable arbitration agreements
*  Double Play: Covering your (military) bases on FMLA and USERRA issues
Signing Bonus:  Strategies for attracting and retaining key employees (with special guest James Farris of James Farris Associates)

Breakout Session #2:
Scouting Report: Monitoring employees in the workplace and on the Internet
Trimming the Roster:  Effective planning for reductions in force
Keeping Score:  How to conduct an audit of your retirement plan’s products and fees

Breakout Session #3
Curve Ball: Keeping track of changing immigration laws
Disabled List:  Reducing workers’ comp claims
Team Employer vs. Team Underwriter:  Tough questions answered directly from an underwriter — what every employer should know about the underwriting of their health plan.

For parking options, please visit http://www.parkingokc.com/.  Parking not included in free seminar registration.